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NYFW - Women in Biz Party & Q&A with Sai

NYFW - Women in Biz Party & Q&A with Sai

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Join us at the SHE CONNECTS CLUB event on February 18th, 2024, at the Women in Business Party.

Experience an exclusive NYFW Q&A session, an empowering chat with renowned fashion designer Sai, who has been featured in Vogue and Rolling Stones.

Learn about starting your own brand, navigating publications, and finding inspiration in your passion.

 Plus, each guest will receive a custom designed tote, a special gift from Female Founders, and carefully curated mocktails! 

Don't miss out on vibrant networking opportunities from 5:30-7:30 PM 

Located at No Bar, The Standard Hotel East Village 

Limited tickets available – Network, Collaborate, and Grow with us!


Q: Is it normal to come alone?


A: Yes!! We encourage guests to come alone! I met my cofounder of my current business going to event alone. It helps create connections. I have also seen so many friendships form. 

Q: Is this event just for those in the industry or can students, aspiring business owners come? 

A: Yes, of course!! I created these events because when I was in college, I wanted to start my clothing company and felt that there was no one who was doing it around me. These events are to learn, inspire, and create amazing connection. 



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